Lychee Kisses Iced Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

Lychee Kisses Iced Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

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The lusciousness of the fresh juicy lychees are combine with this sweet
un-suspecting flavour of green tea. Make this delightful Iced Tea in a decorative jug, to sit in the fridge and dazzle your friends, when they enjoy a refreshing glass... or two. 


Whole leaf Chinese green tea, dried fruit pieces (papaya & pineapple), chrysanthemum flowers, safflowers, natural flavour. 

How to Make your Iced Tea:
* Put 30grams of loose leaf tea into a jug or container
* Add 500ml of boiling water to your tea
* Leave the tea to brew for 2-4 minutes depending 
how strong you wish to your concentrate to be 
* You can add some raw sugar at this point if you wish to sweeten
* Stir tea, taste and then strain the tea leaves out, leaving the concentrate

For 250ml glass of Iced Tea, use 40ml of your concentrate. Add either chilled water,
sparkling water, lemonade or a mixture
Concentrate may last up to 1 week in the fridge.