Why It's Admirable to Put Yourself First

Picture it for a minute, it’s the weekend, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the playlist is pumping out tune after tune when suddenly, a friend turns to the group and asks one of those warm and fluffy questions. You know that friend, the one that says, ‘we should all go around the group and say one word that describes each other’.

Now I can tell you without a shadow of doubt what my girlfriends would say about me…. caring, kind, compassionate, giving. I doubt anyone would say hilarious, so I would have to bribe someone’s child with $5 to yell out that I am hilarious, which would then make everyone laugh. But in all honesty whilst I am all these things to everyone else, the real question is, am I these things to myself? And sadly, the answer is no.

Everyone has elements of all these amazing qualities however as a self-confessed giver who is 100% guilty for putting others needs, wants, hopes and dreams before my own almost 83% of the time means I only have 17% left to give to my needs, wants, hopes and dream; which when you really look at the ration doesn’t seem right.

Recently a friend said to me, ‘I always put everyone before me and I am sick of it, I am going to be self and put myself first’. My response back was, putting yourself first isn’t selfish, I really believe it’s very admirable. Admirable in the respect, that you value yourself enough to care and listen to what you need and what is good for you, but you must act on this.

Whilst giving to others is admirable, sometimes it can be draining and doesn’t leave much left in the cup for you to drink from. However, when we consistently and constantly fill our cup on a regular basis we are automatically giving to others. By filling our cup up, we become more happier friends, more engaging lovers, more patient parents, more tolerant employees, more enthusiastic life livers and overall more awesome people. So next time you make someone else smile, remind yourself that you are someone too.